[Product Description]
- There probably might be a little color difference according to the environment of monitor.
- High heat-resistant haired wig has a characteristic of more thin & soft hairs than general haired wig.
- There is an individual difference in the wig.
- In case of balck wigs, it can stain the doll.
  Especailly in case of new wigs, it isn't dried completely it can get stained easily so please dry them in natural wind 
  for more than 10 days before putting them on a doll. Also please avoid putting the wig on a doll for a long time.
* Size : 8-9 inch (E.I.D Woman, S.I.D Man/Woman, Y.I.D Boy/Girl)
* It will take about 5~10 days to prepare.

* Please be aware that there could be some changes in the schedule. 
* If you order several items at once, they will be sent when every item is ready to be shipped.