Heading to Babylonia, Bliss and her friends ran into fierce winds and high wave
and fighting against the waves, they passed out.
When the wind died down, they headed to nearest island to repair the damaged ship.

When they were taking a break at the clean beach, 

suddenly they were surrounded by a group of natives with spears.

Since Bliss and her friends were already exhausted, they got captured without putting up a fight.
When morning came, they were tied up and dragged in front of the king.

After staring at them arrogantly, the king said "Sacrifice them to God".
When Bliss heard king’s words she felt that they were in big trouble and screamed "Please help us!"

The king walked towards Bliss and stared at her face for long time. Suddenly he grabbed her bust.

"Oh, you were a girl. Take her to my place."
Bliss was shocked by the Falcon’s behavior. Edan tried to attack the king but was restrained by the guards.
Bliss was dragged to King’s place and rest of the party was sent back to the prison.

The king Falcon was a strong and powerful leader and a warrior who was loved by his people.
Neighboring countries sent precious jewelry and princesses to maintain a friendly relationship with Falcon.
Because of this reason, he has 12 wives.
But recently two of them died and others were struggling against an unknown disease.

Tragedy began suddenly.
Numerous people died within few days after vomiting and diarrhea.

The sorcerer said "You have to calm the evil spirit to stop this disaster."
You have to sacrifice a living human when moon is full.

And fortunately a sacrifice came to the island at the moment with a new wife.
Falcon felt happy after a long time.

To Falcon, Bliss reminded a little kitty which was quite fresh.
Unlike other obedient wives, defiant Bliss brought up lust for conquest.
Falcon wanted to marry Bliss right away but decided to wait for some time since she may have the disease too.

Meanwhile members locked inside the prison started vomiting and having diarrhea
Alberto examined the patients and found out what was causing the disease and asked the guard to let him free.
"I am a doctor and I can cure the diseases.
You said you are going to scarify us and if we all die before the ceremony it will be no use."

First the guard ignored his request but after few people died, he thought he will get in trouble if they too.
He decided to free Alberto and put one of his man to follow him.
The guard hoped Alberto was telling the truth.
First Alberto stopped people from using contaminated water and handed out boiled water
to all the patients so they won’t get dehydrated.
All food must be fully cooked and started to clean the prison first.
After searching for the herb, he finally found it between the rocks at the beach.
Even though it was poisonous plant, it can also be used as a medicine too.
After few days, patients in the prison started to get better.
The word spread quickly and a lot of patients visited Alberto and they started to get healed.
Edan and Alberto started to get along with the guard and heard about current situation.
They wanted to meet the king but their request was rejected.
The sorcerer felt that it won’t be good for his situation so blocked them from meeting the king.

Time passed and moon was full.

Boom~ boom~ boom~ boom~

With a drum beat, Edan, Alberto and other crew were dragged before the altar.
The sorcerer started the ceremony with loud gestures and meaningless words.

Alberto saw the king and started shouting.
"We can stop the disaster."
Sorcerer ordered executioner to kill them right away.
Sword headed to Edan’s neck but it was stopped by the king.

"How can you stop the disaster?"
Alberto started to explain the things happened during the past few days.

After the king heard Alberto’s words he told the guard to bring the witnesses.
Guard brought all the people who was cured by Alberto and they all said same thing.
Alberto is telling the truth and they asked the king to give him a chance to cure other patients.

Sorcerer got furious and said they are all fools who were deceived by a con artist
and he must continue the ceremony and sacrifice a live man to stop the disaster.

Falcon was in deep thought.
Everyone waited for Falcon’s decision.

Finally Falcon said
"Release him and put others in the jail again. First, cure my wives.
If it turns out that you told a lie, I will make sure you will die in great pain."

After few days,
Falcon’s wives started to get better, and Falcon asked Alberto to treat other patients too.

After some time contagious disease started to get down and Falcon asked Alberto to stay with him in the island.

Alberto said.
"If you allow me to stay, I will support you with heart and soul
But I have one favor to ask. Please allow my friends to leave the island.
Especially Bliss cannot stay here. We are on a journey to find her father.
If she is kept in the island, we have no reason to go on a journey."

Falcon didn’t wanted to loose Bliss but he wasn’t dumb enough to lose a talented men.

Before Bliss left the island, the king asked her if there is anything he can do for her.

Bliss said she wanted to have Falcon’t necklace since it looked like the symbol she saw on her father’s diary.

"When you find your father, come back to me. This is a symbol of my heart."