Finally they arrived at Thebes but Bliss’sfather was already gone.


They were too devastated to move so theyjust sat down to think the next step and

a little boy came to the devastatedparty and started to sing a song.

When he finished the song Alberto asked himwhere he learned the song.


After hearing the boy’s answer, Alberto’sface started to brighten and he asked the boy to sing the song again andstarted to write it down.

Alberto told Bliss and Edan that Bliss’sfather has left a message in the song and there is a destination in the lyrics.

Bliss father used to sing the song whenthey were together so he is very use to the melody.


Next place they were going to visit was TheValley of Shadow in Bosra.


Bosra was a neighboring country of Thebesand there are social and political tensions since they have suffered from longcivil war.

Bliss and her friends arrived in Bosraeasily and searched for a guide to escort them to The Valley of Shadow.

But everyone they have contacted said theydon’t wanted to risk their life.


After they contacted numerous guides, theyfinally succeeded in hiring an old man by offering him a large sum of money.

“Nowadays, young people spare themselvestoo much.” 

“Well, that made me get the job though.”


While the old man guided them through a steepmountain path, he told a lot of things to Bliss.

The Valley of Shadow is a dangerous placewhere only selected warriors can enter. For same reason it is also a paradisefor assassins too.

“It is beautiful valley surrounded with allkinds of flowers and it is flowing with wine, honey, meat and fruits.

Also you can stay in a palace full of beautiesso it will be like you are in a heaven.”

“If you have been there once, you will doanything to go back there. So a lot of young man became assassins to go back tothat place.” 

“Though it has become old news now.

Several years ago the new king hascollapsed their fortress when there was an internal conflict inside the group.

After this incident they got separated andmany of them went to Thebes or Babylonia.

Since then it was a deserted placebut I heard that recently they started to gather in the valley again.

At the top of the mountain there is a placecalled [Eagles’ fortress] at the cliffside.

Since it is fortress blessed withnatural barriers, everyone has been having eye’s on the place for long time.”

“Then rebels are staying at the fortressnow?”


When Bliss asked with worries, the old mansaid it is currently guarded by the King’s army. After the king has defeatedthe rebels, he left some of his man at [Eagle’s fortress] so he can get rid ofall the remnants.


“And why a young lady like you want to goto a dangerous place like this?”


Bliss told him that she is going to thevalley to find her father and told him about her journey.


Soon sun went down and it was covered withdarkness.

As soon as it became dark, Bliss and herfriends got attacked by a group of people.

It was the rebels the old man has talkedabout.

They have been staying in the woods looking for an opportunity toreclaim the fortress and sometimes looted the travelers. 

Since Bliss and her friends were allexhausted by long climb and rebels were experienced warriors it was a hardfight.

While the fight got tense, Bliss has fallenin danger and the person who saved her was the old man.

Suddenly his eyes has turned sharp andalive.

In an instant, Omar has defeated most ofthe rebels and the situation has turned around.

Suddenly a group of people showed up and theyall moved under Omar’s command.

“Tie up all the man who are alive and getall the ones who ran away.”


Bliss and her friends was shocked and Omarexplained the situation and what happened in recent days.

Omar was the head of the noble guard whowas protecting the [Eagle’s fortress] and he was taking care of the rebels lefton the mountain.

Since rebels knew about the mountain in andout, they always appeared suddenly and vanished into thin air.

To capture themOmar disguised himself and has been staying in the town to gather information, andhe met Bliss and her friends.

Since he wanted to know who they were and whythey were visiting the [Eagle’s fortress],

he approached them intentionally. Healso thought that they could be a perfect bait to call out all the rebels.

And while Omar was talking with Bliss, hefound out who she were and was shocked.

She was a daughter of his savior and mentorDrake.

When Omar was in teens, he has been kidnappedto the Valley of Shadow

and got addicted to decadence and drugs they haveoffered and became an assassin.

Since Omar was talented and loyal, soon hebecame the right-hand man of the leader.

And one day, the impregnable fortress wastaken by Bosra’s new king because of a one spy.

When Omar was a little boy, his father waskilled by an assassin.

Since then he has cooperated with the prince to takedown the assassin group and has been spying on them.

After they defeated the assassin groupwhich has been operating for hundreds of years..

Even though Omar made a significantcontribution,

he suffered from depression because he couldn’t get rid of thethings he had done as an assassin and became wasted.

And it was Bliss’s father who helped himfrom depression and withdrawal symptoms of the drug.

After he got sober, Omar and Drake becamevery close like brothers.

After Bliss got separated with Omar, shefelt like she was walking on the cloud since she can meet her father soon.


After Omar said goodbye to Bliss, he wrotea letter and sent it to his friend Drake by hisfalcon.

Dear Drake,


I met your adorable daughter, Bliss.


Bliss has grown up to be a beautiful and goodhearted lady.