They finally arrived in Thebes after amonth since they left Venezia.

Since they have been in the city in such along time,

Bliss and her friends enjoyed the liveliness of the crowded street.

All kinds of delicious smelling street foodcaptured their nose.


They were embarrassed by the loud soundthat came from their belly.

They decided to get a room first and getsomething to eat. 

Suddenly a beggar girl collapsed in front of them and someonewas bellowing at her. 

They got curious and asked the owner aboutthe situation. 

The girl came into the store and said I’m hungry so I will havethis bread and took the bread.

The girl stood up and said

"Who do youthink you are. How dare you put hands on my body!”

As soon as she finished scolding, a loudgrowling sound came from her belly.

She started to stuff everything into hermouth for a while and when she finally got full,

she started to clean her handsgracefully.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

Even though her clothes were shabby, therewas something special about the girl named Isis.

Since Bliss and her friends paid for thebread and the meal,

Isis thought they could help her and she decided to revealher identity.


“I am the princess of Thebes. If you will helpme, I will reward you all.”

Isis was second daughter of Kind Laius, theKing of Thebes.

One day Isis visited a temple and she met agirl who looked just like her.

She asked the girl to change the clothes withher since she wanted go out and see how outside world.

And after spending sometime they agreed to meet again at the temple.

After spending some time she came back tothe temple and found out that princess’s party already left the temple.


Isis went to the palace and try to get inbut she was kicked out by the guard.

And since then she wasn’t able to wash orget anything to eat for two days.

And finally she tried to steal somethingsince she got so hungry. 

Since Isis wasn’t able to clean herself fortwo days,

Bliss suggested to get a shower first.

Next morning,

 They all gathered in Isis’s room to discussabout her problem.


 “Wehave to get into the palace today to participate in Yeor ceremony.”


“I have already been to the temple but theythought I was crazy.”


“You have to have a definite identity toenter the palace. And since no one can recognize me….”


“We have to figure out a way to get intothe palace secretly….”

Since Isis was pacing around the room murmuring,

Bliss wasn’t able to focus on the topic and she just looked Isis.

After a long thought, Alberto looked atIsis and said,


“Once I found a secret path at the Abbeywhile looking for an ancient document.

As far as I know, all the old castles havea secret path for the royals.

Don’t you know anything about it?”

“A Secret path? Well….. Oh! I justremembered it!”

Isis asked Bliss and her friends to visither at the palace before they leave Thebes and left the inn.

She said she will tell the guard so theydon’t have to worry about anything.

After Isis got apart from Bliss and herfriends, Isis sneaked into the palace through the secret path.

Isis was soon discovered by the maids butshe recovered her identity by showing the scarab.


Meanwhile the girl who was pretending likeIsis was staying with the nanny.

When she found out that real Isis came back,she was so relieved. 

Isis gave a lot of compensation to the girland whispered,


“It was so fun. Hope to meet you again.”

After the little commotion, Isis preparedfor the ceremony. 

Isis started to dance which means the Yeor ceremonyhas started.

Dancing Isis showed her dignity and thebeauty as the princess.

As they promised, Bliss and her friendswent to the castle to meet Isis.

Isis awarded Bliss and her friends andafter having a little chat, she accompanied them to the door. 

With Isis’s help, Bliss and her friendssearched for a clue to find her father in North Thebes

but he was already gone.